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If you drink a cup of green tea every day, you can realize various kinds of health benefits green tea. One of them, perhaps the most important of all, is that it can help you control your weight. It gives us to prove the wellness benefits green tea allows the body to burn fats and calories and this is the reason why it is used as a major component in diet pills. Drinking green tea does not provide fast and efficient results like other weight loss products, but then it can help in weight loss without compromising on your health.

Health Benefits Green Tea

How to Make Health Benefits Green Tea

To make a cup of wonderful green tea, you may have to grab a few brewing processes.
The easy way is to just to brewage it in a cup or a bowl. Make good quality tea, boiling water and a bowl or a cup for ready first. And so cover the base of the cup with a few green tea leaves and fill the boiling water in it for several seconds. So, a cup of green tea is made for you. You are able to sip once every minute to see whether you are met with the taste

  1. Whenever you do not like drinking the tea on the leaves in it, you are able to choose to use a tea strainer or sieve. According to the desirable cups of tea to measure out the desirable sum of tea leaves, normally one teaspoonful leaves for one cup of tea.

  2. Place the green tea gives into a tea strainer or sieve and then place the strainer into an empty mug or cup.

  3. Heating the water in a non-reactive pot or pan to almost 180 °farad (80 °Celsius)

  4. Pour the heated up water all over the tea leaves and steep the tea leaves. Place the tea strainer away after 2-3 minutes. Never steep the leaves since too long for the tea may be bitter if the steeping time is too long.

  5. Enjoy the green tea after them cools down. You are able to add lemon succus or honey or sugar for a better taste

Health Benefits Green Tea Health Benefits Green Tea

How to Prepare Green Tea for Weight Loss

  • While fat and sugar seep into your body, they synthesize to produce an essential ingredient that is called a triglyceride. The technique is known as synthesis and it occurs in the liver and the small intestines. The triglyceride is changing to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. A really important substance, triglyceride provides the energy which is necessary for supporting the different functions that are performed away from the body. However, there is a problem when there has a high sum of triglyceride produced in our body.

  • The extra amount is transformed into fat which can lead to obesity. Green tea counters the risks of additional triglyceride levels as it contains a high amount of polyphenols which work for activating a particular enzyme in the body which helps in the dissolution of the excess triglyceride. It means that the body’s fat content is lost weight if you drink green tea regularly.

Green Tea Fat Metabolizer

  • Green tea provides several antioxidants which help the body in various ways. One of them, the EGCG OR epigallocatechin gallate stimulates the body’s metabolism and expedites weight reduction. ECGC works along with the caffeine present in green tea to stimulate the central nervous system, releasing fat into the blood, allowing the body to use up this fat in the form of fuel. The process through which fat is used up as fuel is known as thermogenesis. It involves the production of additional energy, shedding of additional water and burning of body fat. Caffeine leads to thermogenesis, although it is highly effective when combined with ECGC and the other ingredients found in green tea.

Better Endurance Training Exercises

  • Exercise is one of the most efficient ways of losing weight. It not only burns down calories but also boosts your energy levels and aids in muscle building. The catechin polyphenols which are present in green tea stimulate the liver and muscle cells for using more of fatty acids, allowing the body to use up its carbs at a slower pace. When more of carbohydrates remain in the body, you are able to exercise for a longer period and hence burn more calories. Green tea accelerates metabolism only by 4%, amounting to only 100 calories a day. This does not contribute to weight reduction. If you are eyeing to reduce more than 20 lb. green tea might not be the best option. Green tea helps maintain a healthy weight and brings in a lot of other physical benefits with it

Protecting skin damage

  • The components present in the tea care EGCG and catechins are beside help in protecting the skin. These compounds help oneself in breaking the radicals present in the cell thus protects from cell damage and skin abnormalities

Green Tea Side Effects

  • We at Food Thesis needed to bring scientific causes why tea is nowadays an important part of our life, on that point are a lot of articles which talk about benefits simply none talks about the negative impact of tea about the wellness. In this article, we’ll cover all the scientific expressions, positive effectuates, and myths.

  • Tea evolved as a drink from the medicinal drink the past times 2000 years. A cup of tea isn't only the informant of health but it’s also an average to connect socially with other people. Tea all of the time intrigued the scientific community of interests on its widespread usage and deep integrating with the culture around the world. While most research is performe in vitro condition (research lab checks) or in vivo using animals models. Very little research has done about a human being.

  • The physiologic personal effects are mainly because of the chemical compound viz. polyphenols, caffeine, carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids, and purine alkaloids. Totally these chemical compound* are beneficial for wellness but there is always an appropriate amount. Tea mainly contains three main chemical compound Polyphenols, caffeine and extra metals like aluminum Beneficial and harmful effectuates of these compounds are tabulated as follow

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