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Newborn Baby Common Problems – Newborn Baby Care

5 Newborn Baby Common Problems
5 Newborn Baby Common Problems

Newborn Baby Common Problems Small children’s skin is very sensitive. Different causes of skin problems in children due to various reasons. We create some issues. But in most cases, they are not such a big problem, and there is nothing to fear. Let’s know the general problems of the baby’s skin.

5 Newborn Baby Common Problems


  • In the first week of the birth of the newborn, usually red or reddish brown in the whole body is called auntie pc in rural Bengal. In medical science, its name is Iritema Topxam Neonetorum. It can be in the face, arms, legs or even around the body. Within ten days, they are easily cured. There is no treatment for this.


  • It is not unusual to have 1 to 10 black or coloured birthgrains in the newborn body. Usually, this strain is due to various pressure during the maternal stage. These can be seen after birth or even after a few months. There is nothing to worry about, but if you need to talk to a doctor about it, whether it is genuinely born or not. Many birthdays become feathered with time.

Cough-like skin

  • Skin often comes out like light onion peas. Saying it is peeling. This is for skin dryness. After bathing a newborn baby oil or lotion, the dryness is very low. It is well-formed, and the ligament remains healthy.

Diaper rash

  • The adjacent part of the diaphragm, such as the cord and the rear, often becomes red, itching or scratching grains. This is the diaphrash rash. The diaphragm does not change frequently and is very tight. Keep the diapers as long as the rash occurs. The wet diapers should be switched quickly. If it is too red, zinc oxide cream may be used.

Baby acne

  • Even small children can be seen like pimples or acne in the face of newborns. It is not like the acne of young people. This is caused by the effects of hormones in the mother’s blood. There is no need for treatment too. Within a few days, you can recover. Again, white grains on the skin are called Milia. It is also normal without treatment and treatment.


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