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Newborn Baby Navel Wrong Idea’s – Baby Care 1st Month

newborn baby navel
newborn baby navel

Newborn Baby Navel We still have many misconceptions about the newborn baby girl. Let’s know about this. The baby’s name has been kept for three days. Both the grandparents and their parents have come together to give a detailed account of the problems of the child. Birth delivery at home. The navel has been applied to corn oil. The idea is that the navel will dry up soon. In order to dry the navigator’s navel, many traditional systems are resorted to by region. Among them, garlic and hot oil. Somewhere in the navel, sindoor, mother’s milk is milk, somewhere on the surface of the juice, the eyes of cow dung have been seen in the past.

Many such medical reports are still available in care of newborn baby care. As a result, infection of the newborn baby can also lead to childhood illness due to tetanus or sepsis, if the mother does not have tetanus-resistant immunization during pregnancy.

Proper care of a newborn baby

After the baby is born, the pulse is the main source of infection in the child. That’s why proper care of the newborn baby is so important. The proper care has been developed based on both the clean delivery and clean pulse.

Whatever is urgent

  • Use delivery kit in every process.
  • Trained teeth or midwife’s hands should be clean and clean in soap and clean water. The cervix of the mother, in the same way, would like to be clean. The place where the child is born will be clean. Razor blades, yarn cut, yarn, etc. are not sterilized.
  • After the delivery, the midwife will wash her hands thoroughly with a saucepan and cut her pulse cleanly.
  • After cutting the pulse, there is no need to apply dressing, bandage or antiseptic. Keep the pulse dry. Keep clear and open. Wear a newborn baby with sterile cloths. Within a few days, the pulse will dry up automatically.

Proper treatment of Navy infections

  • If the navel gets scratched, if the surrounding part of the navel becomes red, it is considered to be navel infection and can be treated immediately with the help of antibiotics. For example, amoxicillin 15mg / kg, for five days at home every eight hours.
  • Pushing place should be washed with soap and clean sterile yard. A post-navel infection has to be painted with antiseptic space. In this case, Jensen Violet, Povidone-iodine or Clozer Hexidine can be used.
  • If the pelvic or red part of the spleen is spreading on the skin around the navel, then the infection genetmicin (7 ~ 5mg / kg daily once) and flukelacacillin / 50mg / kg per six to eight hours, depending on the age of the baby) apply Can be done.
  • If the newborn looks dull, she stops breastfeeding, does not look properly, does not wake up or is having trouble breathing, then it is to be remembered that it is a serious infection of the newborn. The child should then be taken to the electrical hospital so that he can get complete treatment with injection.

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